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Alan's first signings

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10 minutes ago, Jack the lad said:

Please no not Stokes, this would just reek of jobs for the boys. Not to mention he's crap.

Think there's plenty that can be aimed at Stokes. Lack of ability to find the net at this level is definitely not a stick that can be used to beat him with. 

Whether he has the mindset to turn in good performances on a consistent basis anymore is a completely different matter. 

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Stubbs got the best out of stokes at Hibs, I would imaging he could do so again, I would take him if he drops his billy Big baws attitude
Did he though? I remember Hibs being really good until Stokes signed for them.

They then hit a massive slump. Though he raised his game against sevco in the final.
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So you're saying Hibs had a slump because they signed Stokes?  :blink:
Have a like for that. 
Nope. But I'm not sure he strengthened them the way we all expected him to.

Though a lot of Hibs fans put their slump down to the amount of games they had to play between January and the end of the season.

The players didn't have a day off due to the league run, two cup finals and the play offs etc etc.

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