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St. Mirren v Dunfermline 14th July 2019

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3 hours ago, Mid Calder Saint said:

The powers that be really have to look at the setup most clubs are just getting up to speed teams should be allowed a maximum of two trialists and use of all named subs moreover why are the likes of the old firm waltzing into the third round I know they are involved in Europe but they are being allowed to play friendlies today whilst we are playing three ties in a week all wrong to me.

The setup is fine.

Most clubs finished their campaign at the start of May, or halfway through. They’ve all had a month to have their holiday, and had at least 3 weeks of pre-season training too. We’ve had a camp in Spain and played 3 friendlies.

The four sides in Europe are all playing competitive fixtures already. They are hardly chilling playing friendlies right now when European performances are vital to progress.

They enter the 2nd round, not the 3rd round btw.

The use of trialists and using unlimited subs would be absolutely ridiculous in a major Scottish Competition.

3 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Doesn't qualifying at the top of the group give you and advantage in the knock out stages? 

It can do, mainly if you can hit the 12 point mark.

Last 16 - 8 seeded (4 in Europe, Best 4 Group Winners)

Group Winners with 9/10 Points will likely be unseeddd and face what should be a harder draw.

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2 hours ago, thomsons dropped it said:

Swap MacPherson for Erahon and that will do me. Young Ethan might be a player....but not at full back.

Have never seen anything to prove Erahon is a promising young player...looks like a nervous wreck who should not be anywhere near first team squad...

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