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Wellcome Tony Andreu

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33 minutes ago, windae cleaner said:

Like many others before him.

Look very impressive against us

As soon as he puts that Saints top he will turn to shite

Apart from Scanlon and o ah Gallagher

Would be nice if he could join that small list

This one could clearly go either way... It is up to the new manager if he concurs with Gus's find or not . . .   But Jim watch your back !

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Accies fan in work loves him. Said it took him a while to get up to speed last season but once fully fit he was quality, best as the most advanced central midfielder and can pick a pass as well as score some screamers.


Good addition for me


We now have










That can all play central, that’s plenty Gus!


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On 7/2/2019 at 3:35 PM, Dan Is The Man said:

Still an absolutely quality player if fit and playing and would certainly fill the void left by McAllister.


Can’t help but feel he’s just getting a warm weather camp out us and will end up elsewhere.


Really McAllister left a void, a void in the Championship but definitely not at Premiership level. A fit Andreu is far better player than McAllister.

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Welcome aboard - we have loads of midfielders, but goal scoring creativity and goal scoring is something we lack - so do hope you have your best ever season in the Premiership.  Hitting the target/net from freekicks will be a welcome bonus too.

If Tansey gets fully fit, we might very well be a more potent force this season in the middle of the park !!

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