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The Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp Appreciation Thread


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7 minutes ago, Slash said:

Aye @TPAFKA Jersey 2 is a khunt, but he’s a decent Paisley born khunt that I’d gladly spend some time drinking with.

As for his mate JimmyH, he’s a grumpy khunt but with a guid heart.

Look forward to seeing them again in the Court Bar and standing them some drinks when this pandemic goes the same way as the auld Rangers.


Cannae wait 👍

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12 hours ago, Slash said:

Still can’t answer a simple question though…..not surprising given you can’t deal with anyone outside your own family.

What a sad and lonely life you must lead. 😢

This link might help you overcome your insecurities. 


Why would I be either sad or lonely?

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Another wee update after another strong start to the season.

Just two defeats in 13 competitive games this season (did lose one more on a penalty shoot out). Unbeaten in five games now and we have won two in a row. Sitting comfortably in 7th place, and in a better position now than we were this time last season, in which we posted our highest league finish for a generation. New boys are settling in just fine. It's a good time to be a buddie, well done Jim and Lee, what a job they're doing 👏

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On 10/18/2021 at 9:44 PM, Maboza said:

Has any resident statto got % win rate for Goodwin vs our other top flight managers ? 

By my reckoning, if you count all games while we were in the top division, Goodie's record is about 28% win rate. I think Gus was around 32% while in the top league. But that includes cup games and is approximate.

ETA. I believe Danny Lennon's record is almost identical, percentage wise, to JG's.

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