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St Mirren v Sevco League Cup Quarter Final 16/12/20


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On 12/16/2020 at 8:41 AM, faraway saint said:

Our odds have slipped, we're now 10/1, Rangers 2/11 and the draw 11/2

St Mirren 3-2 Rangers offers 80/1 :rolleyes:

Ok I just knew I should have listened to you! a £5er on at that price would have certainly paid for a few things over Christmas.........:o Do you have crystal balls up in the east coast?

So now I have a problem, having worn the lucky black & white boxers last night (having worn them also at the weekend and had them washed and ready for last night's game,) I now have to go through the same ritual to get them ready for Saturday, the B&W socks are in the same wash. 

Try explaining all that process to the better half and you can imagine my issue, It looks like a solitary washing process before Saturday!:whistle

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Any Bud got clip of Saints 2nd goal ? Remember thinking at the time wtf ! ....... McGrath basically passing it into the net like he was playing 5s up the Pitz. Total filth
Jamie showed such composure as you say with that finish surely he can't be far away from his first cap for Ireland this boy is a very accomplished midfielder
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