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St Mirren v Sevco League Cup Quarter Final 16/12/20

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Are you?

Naw for two reasons

1 they’re almost always wrong
2 I genuinely don’t know how to place a bet

Happy to keep providing you with tips however

What a difference a win makes to a morning after.

Nice wee unbeaten 10 games.

They rarely troubled us last night

Deserved win

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2 minutes ago, Desperately Seeking Susans said:

Typical Daily Record reporting, all about Rangers failure and disappointment rather than St Mirren's glory.

Yeah, the "impartial " BBC isn't much better. 

Who cares, we're looking forward to a national cup semi final again. 

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46 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Exactly, that rag, and the Sun, are only appealing to the OF support and Shull anyway. 

Shut your hole, ye fecking idiot.

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Be a waste of time  it will be post mortom all about them.. Teams never ever get the credit when they beat one of them its all about how shit they were. 

Actually be funny listening to the **** phoning in having meltdown’ get Gerrard sacked’ etc🤣

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I think we have a squad that is finally starting to click with the changes and additions we have made.

Doyle-Hayes and Erhahon are keeping other really good players out of the team with their solid defensive and playmaking in the middle of the park.

Connolly has given us that pace we lacked and has been a complete menace to opposition

Durmus' return on the other side

A recognised left-back in Mason

Taits freedom to bomb forward

*McGrath's freedom to play behind the striker and cause a goal threat

Every single player is keeping their place on merit and the dropping of other players has been completely justified with a few just been unlucky to good form.

We have an even better chance of reaching the final now than we did back in 2013. 

I am so proud of the team and have to credit Jim for turning this around on a magnificent run, where he could have potentially been on a shaky peg previously. Players now starting to gel has given me hope that we can finish the season strong with the addition of another striker.


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How could I forget McGrath!

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On 12/16/2020 at 8:41 AM, faraway saint said:

Our odds have slipped, we're now 10/1, Rangers 2/11 and the draw 11/2

St Mirren 3-2 Rangers offers 80/1 :rolleyes:

Ok I just knew I should have listened to you! a £5er on at that price would have certainly paid for a few things over Christmas.........:o Do you have crystal balls up in the east coast?

So now I have a problem, having worn the lucky black & white boxers last night (having worn them also at the weekend and had them washed and ready for last night's game,) I now have to go through the same ritual to get them ready for Saturday, the B&W socks are in the same wash. 

Try explaining all that process to the better half and you can imagine my issue, It looks like a solitary washing process before Saturday!:whistle

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