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St Johnstone v St Mirren, 30/4/22

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39 minutes ago, CraigyBoy said:


You must be watching a different game . Anyone who says the players have " chucked it" based on this performance so far is either so anti SR that they pour out all the usual clap trap hoping it will seem applicable or they are just bloody clueless!!!

Which one are you??

Exactly 🤷

We are playing one of the worst teams in the league, we are marginally better. Since we scored, it absolutely highlights my point. We have had about three or four situations where we have had more forward players than they’ve had defenders and nothing.

Game should have been killed two or three times over. Instead we are giving them every opportunity to get back into it. 

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Huge, huge result and Robinson appears to have got his tactics spot on.  Crucially the players busting a gut and showing bottle. 
With safety( almost ) assured will we see a more relaxed saints and some of the youngsters given a chance?

Hats off to the new(ish) boss. It only takes one game to change everything and today might just have been it.

Marching In!

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I must admit I thought we would lose today, so credit to the team for winning.


I guess we are stuck with Stephen Robinson so we will have to wait and see

what happens when he has underwent a close season and has built his own squad.

I remain unconvinced and accordingly we have to set our expectations for the coming season

to not be aiming for top six.

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Ya dancer. HUGE win. Looked much more like a team today. Wee mention for Main who most of us have rightly slated. He put in a great shift and caused their hammer throwers at the back bother all game. Well done to Kiltie for his goal too. Great result and improved performance and a relief to get out of the rut. 
Enjoy your wee  glasses of something nice tonight Buddies. COYS(the real ones)

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A huge 'up' to everyone who made the trip through to McDermid Park today. You must be elated and I'm absolutely delighted for all of you. 

Fabulous result, surely our top league status is now guaranteed. 

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Absolutely fantastic result. Would have bit your hand off for a draw. Sounds like we were marginally better that fakes, but radio coverage suggests and supports my view that apart from top three all teams this season have been decidedly average and very inconsistent. The league table supports this. Something to build and hopefully SR will be able to build on this.

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