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Jack Ross Must Go.

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This thread should have been sent to the archives. I have been embarrassed and held my hands up for what I said about Jack I admitted I was wrong numerous times.

If we manage to hold on to Jack Ross next season which I doubt and get promoted. If we struggle to stay up then I guarantee people will be on here slating JR.

I have always said a manager should not be sacked unless they take us to a worse position than they inherited us.

If we go up if anyone thinks we will be top 6 are deluded IMO

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On ‎13‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 2:19 PM, DougJamie said:

Ok, I really think this has run its time, and considering we still have the most important 4 matches to come and we all agree that hindsight, predicted, expected that Ross is a quality appointment............. point scoring needs to happen Sats not on here....

This has been without doubt the most traumatic season for all of us, off the back of another one in 2015, remember played 14 Won 0 Drawn 4 Lost 10.... that was 5 months ago, hardly a lifetime,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was looking at every other league in Europe at that time and could not see a worse performing team. Incidentally Rotherham have lost last 12, Sunderland are not much better and my wee second team  Torquay United  are near relegation to 6th tier, having missed out thru play offs to 3rd tier 3 years ago


What about Coventry- won cup same year we did- had umpteen successive seasons in top league, now going to 4th tier and can still get 46k to Wembley .... one thing is for sure, and has shown me, Saints fans support when the team really needs it, one day we will back at top table, but thanks to Jack the rollercoaster that is St Mirren has finally come off the vertical drop

Cough Cough. Stand by Ur man..................:whistle

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