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Hibs v St Mirren 3/8/19


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1 minute ago, Wendy Saintss said:


As most goals come from a move of 1 pass or less after a regain of possession in the attacking third, passing is pointless.

Leicester won the Premiership against far better players and despite having less than 50% possession in every game.

Let the opposition pass, press and score!


Wow, a copy and paste from years ago, well done. :lol:

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My head said to put a fiver on 0-0.

My heart put the fiver on a Saints win!

My head, despite being wrong itself, forgives my heart.

From reports, we gave a decent performance and put in plenty of effort, something I fully expected from a JG team.

Still very early doors.

We had chances. If we were a few weeks ahead would the added fitness and sharpness have secured a point or three?

We will never know.

The important thing is the team showed they can compete.

I believe Jim Goodwin will get the best out of them.

If we can survive the opening few games without a Fakes type capitulation, we should do just fine.

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Interesting to see what's going on at St,Johnstone too. Their squad doesn't look terrible, but their results do. They are long overdue a shocking season, and would be a welcome addition to the relegation shitfest. Things will be clearer when the transfer window shuts.
On Route back from the game and my son has been adamant for last couple of weeks that it's a 6 way relegation battle with ST J and Kilmarnock added into the expected 4.
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All the new guys were good, which was a plus. They’ll get better over the next few weeks and we’ll definitely bring a left back and another striker in this week.


Hibs passed the ball about well and their movement was great which took its toll in the final quarter with a few of our guys struggling in hot conditions.


A decent performance with contributions from everyone.


Still, no points and it would be good to get off the mark v Aberdeen next week.


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