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Ethan Erahon

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45 minutes ago, HSS said:

Not surprised to see him linked with a big move, he's a fantastic young player who has a big career ahead of him. Think it's best if he moves on and gets away from our boo boys, i just hope we get a big sell on percentage in place. He could make us a lot of money in the future. 

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I know it's a bit early to come to this view - but if Robinson can continue to get the best out of Curtis Main, then it should be a bit of a cake walk to get the most out of Erhahon next season.

Goodwin was not recognised for his ability to get the best out of existing players but to buy in new players and give them the chance to shine at St Mirren - eg. Ronan and McGrath.

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It’s hard to believe that Ethan is still only 20. I still think he has the attributes to be a top player but he seems to have hit the buffers, whether it’s due to attitude or coaching, it’s hard to say. 
Maybe a fresh start and a new environment is what he needs. He’s been with us since he was a wee kid and it’s possibly gone a wee bit stale. 
Would love to see him reach his full potential with us but it looks like he might need a move. Don’t know how happy he is with us??
Can Robinson get the best out of him? I know developing  youngsters is rightly one of his priorities. 
If we can get a decent fee/sell on, it might be the best for both parties, but I’d be sorry to see him go as I’ve always had really high hopes for him. 

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None of us know why Ethan hasn’t kicked on as we all had hoped he would do.

We can only wonder , is it attitude ?  Does he have the wrong people or person offering advice ?  Is he simply stale ( as stated above ) having been here for almost 15 years ? 

Im sure there is a player in there but I’m sure Robinson would have formed an opinion on him in the time he’s been here to say whether  he can bring out the best in him or whether the young fella needs a fresh challenge.

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