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David Clarkson Joins On Loan

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He is clearly better than what we currently have at the club and most importantly Alex must think his attitude is good for this level.

That's good enough for me. I don't care what his scoring record was at any other club because he played at a much higher level than where we are now.

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Happy with that, pretty mobile for a big guy, scored goals for Dundee last year. Should score at this level.

Welcome aboard David

From what I remember he wasn't too mobile when I seen him in person. He is a proper moaner though , moans at everything and has scored goals in his career.

Will bring experience and hopefully help out Shankland. Could this mean the end for Thommo? :(.

Wish David all the best.

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If he can come up with the goal return he managed initially when he signed for Dundee, that would do me.

A wee bit meh about this one, but can we realistically expect better?

Agree with the meh, but as you point out would we expect to get a top striker.

The way I gauge it is had he signed for the likes of Morton etc I would be thinking that it was a decent signing.

Anyhow welcome to the Buddies hope you run riot.

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