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St Mirren v Dundee United SPFL Championship 29/12/17


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5 minutes ago, Qarsaan said:
11 hours ago, elvis said:
Shut up you clown I have tickets  for the game. If it's called off I probably won't get to see it for work commitments so want it on tomorrow. 

I am home from Thailand until 3 Jan. If it is called off, that would be more than a wee bit annoying.

Would be BANG out of order, but should be K OK.

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8 minutes ago, notabuddie said:

Plenty of snow on great Western Rd. Depending on who you believe our old chairman said our system can't cope with snow. Our new BOD said if you put it on its highest setting it can. The amount snow it needs to be on high or the game will be off

It's to turn to rain this afternoon, think we'll be fine.

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Was just out driving in it there and the roads are in an awful state. 

The only chance of this game going ahead is if the forecast afternoon rain makes the roads and walkways safe to drivers and pedestrians. As it stands, there is little to no chance of it going ahead if conditions don't improve. 

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9 minutes ago, billyg said:

Ah well , we'll be guaranteed going into the New Year top of the league , can't see anyway tonight's game will be on , and with heavy rain forecast over the weekend and frost on Monday night , then the Morton game on Tuesday must also be in jeopardy !

An enforced winter break on the cards.

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Kenny Crawford @KennyCrawford_ 17m17 minutes ago

St Mirren boss Jack Ross to BBC at 8.30am: “The pitch will be fine because the undersoil heating has been on this week. The concern becomes with the surrounding areas & travel conditions, but hopefully the forecast will hold up with snow starting to dissipate around lunchtime"

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