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Lennon Out

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I remember reading an interview a while back with billy Davies during one of his periods of unemployment. He mentioned being linked with jobs but nothing ever came because directors thought he would be too expensive. He then stated " how would they know. They never asked. They just assume". Maybe Owen Coyle, Steve Clark etc would be interested in the st mirren job. But we need to ask first. We could be pleasantly surprised. But do the directors have the balls.

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New St Mirren boss Owen Coyle can't hide his emotion as he hears news that the club has been sold, a kit deal with Adidas has been signed, Provan Sports re-open the stadium shop, a centre half signs, the stadium corners are to be filled in, loanees are ditched for properly contracted St Mirren players, and Van Zanten and Lavety get added to the stadium HoF panels.

Just saying like!

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Repeating something doesn't make it any more convincing.

And calling for Owen Coyle doesn't correspond with suggesting a realistic replacement who would be better than Lennon. Why in the name of god would Owen Coyle come to us with the possibility of relegating us going onto his CV? No matter what it costs, it'll be too much for the board who are not willing to take financial risks.

Unless you believe the fanciful nonsense that everything is already agreed - we have a new manager, new owners etc who are waiting in the wings/in the store cupboard, ready to spring out as soon as we're safe from relegation...


Like i said if you could read, He will be deemed the messiah. Looking at that table now almost everyone expects us to be relegated. i.e. cant do any worse. + everyone knows that its Danny who has fecked us up.

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Owen Coyle..?

Yeah I suppose we could go for him, or Steve Clark, Martin Jol, Rene Muhlwhatsit, Michael Laudrup, possibly BIlly Davies soon too..? They are all out of (nearly in Davies,s case) contract and feckin we'll beyond our price range...

You think this Bod are going to pay up Danny,s contract and spunk money on Coyle for two months?

Well if it keeps us in THIS league then i think its money worth spending.

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Coyle's assistant, or new club owner?

When is Robbie Winters coming in to run the shop, though?


FFS , Coyle ! He couldn't even get the Fakes promoted the year we got promoted the last time ('05-'06?) . .

Is he any better than what we already have. .

f**ksake Macpherson get it sorted. .

Aye he might be a good shout. .


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let me just re-cap here

owen coyle is unemployed

he needs to start somewhere(again) like he did at the fakes

he does not have THAT great of a reputation down south

big tommo is a mate...good second in command in the offing

COYLE NEEDS A JOB....or did i mention that already?

where does it say he demands a big wage

and...........why not?........people in here are forever saying we as a club lack ambition....now is the chance and the time........OR......we get another manager from the lower leagues and the knicker wetters are happy to slate the club for lack of ambition and cant wait to spout their pish about the new sub standard manager

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Ian Murray would be my choice.

Asking a lot of a Murray to come in, rebuild a squad to SPFL standard and take us to the next level. Remember that Lennon came in his 1st season and kept us up, yet this was not deemed good enough by many fans, who wanted progression. If the choice is between Ian Murray and Danny Lennon...I'd rather we just kept Danny.

The board should make a big deal of wanting to progress as a club and make an offer for an Owen Coyle or someone of that ilk.

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