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Craig Storie


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1 hour ago, Lost Sheep said:

Storie is very much in the last chance saloon for us.  He's failed to impress in the few appearances that he's had and appears to have stopped trying in the development league.

That being said he was once a highly rated prospect and was pursued by Man Utd, so it's possible, and we're hopeful, that he'll get himself back on track with you guys.  He's certainly got a nasty streak in him, which your midfield probably could do with, and he's not bad going forward either.  All the best.

Can he perform miracles because that's what we need to get out of the shit we are in .

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4 minutes ago, Lord Pityme said:

Fair play to any half decent player joining us in our current predicament, if they are unsuccesseful in helping to keep us up its not a line any player wants on his CV.

Good point , but the opposite also applies . 

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On 1/3/2017 at 3:42 PM, TopCat said:

For an apparently highly rated 21 year old, he's played very little full time senior football. Only 14 appearances for Aberdeen in 3 years.

Compare that to Mallan for example, who's younger than him and has played around 100 first team games.

So there's simply way of knowing if he's going to be good enough, cause there's nothing to base it on. We can only wait and see.

Fingers crossed there's some real experienced arrivals coming shortly. Thats what we're going to need if we are going to pull off the greatest escape.

... and how many times do you reckon Stevie Mallan would have started in an Aberdeen team who have finished 2nd in the SPL for the last 2 seasons rather than 'starring' in a St Mirren team on course for its second relegation in 3 seasons? One of the reasons why Mallan gets so many starts despite his very obvious shortcomings as a midfielder is that he had a decent goal return (mostly from set pieces) in his first two seasons at the club.

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33 minutes ago, kevo_smfc said:

I think this can only be a good thing for us. A player with a point to prove, who has a bit of dig in the middle of the park. 

Totally agree , also hope this allows Mallan to play further up the park , and also get the best out of the other midfielders , maybe if it works out we may get him on loan again next season .

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On 04/01/2017 at 0:13 AM, Stuart Dickson said:

Nope I can categorically state I have never done anything like that in my life but I'm certainly having my eyes opened tonight by the number of St Mirren fans who are willing to passionately defend this player's behaviour, especially when I first linked the story back before the player was linked with St Mirren it was viewed with disdain. Combine that with the passionate defence of an SNP MSP who posted some of the most abhorrent bullshit about women on his Twitter account, and then throw in the repeated comments being made to the assistant referee on the main stand side at the Morton game from a handful of the natives around me and I guess the picture is pretty plain to see of what kind of club St Mirren are. Sad really, especially when the club like to paint itself as a family club and as a community club. 


Who was this and what did they say?

I can't imagine you're talking about the bloke who said the girl doesn't always say 'yes' the first time you ask her?

Even YOU can't spin a clearly 100% innocent comment as 'some of the most abhorrent bullshit'?

Can you?

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On Tuesday, January 03, 2017 at 5:41 PM, Stu said:

Going by that post you've quoted, Mr Dickson has now gone beyond parody. Time for him to do a Sacha Baron Cohen, call it quits with this character and come back with a new one. I await his appearance with interest.

Let me know the new character's name so I can put him on ignore too.

Hopefully Storie is a young Goodwin with better discipline.

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From Official Site


Craig Storie admits he can't wait for Saturday's match against Dunfermline Athletic after he trained with Saints for the first time this morning.

The midfielder has joined the Buddies on loan from Ladbrokes Premiership side Aberdeen until the end of the season and is hoping to make a mark in his time at the Paisley 2021 Stadium.

 Storie says he's excited about the prospect of first team and wants to show the ability he has.

I'm really looking forward to it and getting some game time," he said. "Hopefully I can bring something to the team and see where it takes us. 

"I've waited a long time for first team football and hopefully I can get it here and show what I can do.

"I like getting the ball down and playing, tackling, bringing the ball back into possession. 

"I can't wait," he said of the Dunfermline game this weekend. "I was buzzing to come in here today and hoping that Saturday comes around sooner. 

Storie says that Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes had been encouraging him to go on loan and the midfielder feels that Saints was the perfect place for that.

He's been trying to get me out on loan for a while but I thought St Mirren was the right place to be.

"I've come here to try and get some football and hopefully time will tell."

And despite The Buddies current league position, the 20 year-old believes he's ready for the challenge ahead.

It's obviously going to be difficult," he admitted. "But I feel like I can take it in my stride and prove that to the gaffer and help lift the team from the position."

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Came across this article on someones link thought it might be of interest.

Footballer flicked Dicko's backside into Sin Bin as he is 'moved on by Div in Forum row

Aberdeen star and Scotland Under-21 international Craig Storie was celebrating his 21st birthday when trouble flared in the virtual Westbank.

Aberdeen-v-FC-Twente-Pre-Season-FriendlyCraig Storie admitted causing Dicko’s backside' to be flicked into sin bin (Photo: Getty)


A Scottish Premiership star caused Dicko to be 'moved on' by moderators after sparking an internet row. Dicko’s backside was then flicked into the Sin Bin.

Aberdeen midfielder Craig Storie was celebrating his forthcoming 21st birthday when trouble flared at the Black and White Army St Mirren Forum.

Moderators had to intervene to stop the Scotland Under-21 international being slandered on the forum by a particularly annoying poster.

Oaksoft, proudtobeabuddy and many others admitted Storie would probably have 'Kicked Dicko’s backside' over allegations he was a sex pest but moderators have stepped in and flicked Dicko’s backside into the sin bin.

The Scottish Daily Record reports witness Stuart Dickson claims the footballer was a sex pest and he was now proud to be in the sin bin.


Stuart Dickson claimed the footballer was a sex pest in the row (Photo: Daily Record)

A source said: “The Dicko was flagged by Div and the moderators. They cautioned Mr Dickson and moved him on to the sin bin.”

A troll said: “Dicko refutes what’s been alleged. Dicko said he was posting positive comments on the site and he believes he has been branded a pest which he shouldn’t have been but we know he is.

“The Moderator came up and asked, ‘What did you do to support St Mirren? and he told Dicko he was sin binned.

“The moderators replied. We have to stand by our forum rules which we can make up as we go along if we wish because it’s our forum”

Many Posters were happy to see the back of Mr Dickson but it appears the Sin Bin is now the most popular part of the forum. Far away Saint whydowebother and Shull obviously missed him. Returnof isma is god was patched.

Carluke-born Storie signed for the Dons in 2012. He made his first-team breakthrough last season and was voted the club’s young player of the season. He will hopefully help the Saints secure three points against Dunfermline on Saturday and display the passion and skill necessary to achieve the miracle of championship survival. COYS

Stuart Dickson is a pipefitter .

Image result for st mirren scottish cup winners 1987.

The good old days

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