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St Mirren v Kilmarnock SPFL Premiership 6/2/21


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1 minute ago, Desperately Seeking Susans said:

Who knows... there is an outside chance of reaching Europe.

Definitely if we keep this up - Tic struggled against Well today. So even 1 more win against them would be welcome. We ought to beat Hamilton and could beat Well in the rearranged games - that would lift us 9 points higher . . .

It would be something - Heard Obika saying that what he wants to achieve - europe for St. Mirren ....:spud7

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Just now, Ayrshire Saints said:

As comfortable a victory as you will see. Absolutely bossed every department. It was almost a metaphor for home far we have progressed this season. Excellent stuff all round.

Correct Sir.

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Without setting the heather on fire, we were solid, workmanlike and totally deserving of all three points.

Fifth place in our sights.

Durmus my MotM.
Good performances from Obika, Erhahon, JDH, McAllister and Lyness.

Happy with that. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]

No failures in the side today. Great team performance.
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1 hour ago, oaksoft said:

He seriously earned that gift there.

Worked hard to get that ball back and make amends for his earlier poor 1st touch when he should have scored.

Great that it was Alan Power who messed up. A face and persona you would never tire punching!

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Just now, shetland said:

Oh, bless you for producing the League Table. You must be proud that your Team is top. A happy and glorious time for you and the teddy bears.

Have a likey.

I don't know who you are or what you are getting at.....however having just popped on to the old forum after watching a damned fine victory, followed by a bit of rugger I am somewhat disappointed to see someone acting the bellend.  Why are you being a bellend?


Another Saturday, another fine victory.


Big Jon was outstanding, Ilkay was as usual silky and I am especially pleased for Dean Lyness.

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4 minutes ago, santaponsasaint said:

Good team performance today. Ethan. Kyle and Ilkay were outstanding. Big Jon worked hard and deserved his goal. Pleased for Dean. Good clean sheet. Great 3 points.

Hows ur chair?

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Most of the first half was like watching amateur football. Killie might even have shaved it. The pitch probably had a lot to do with that. Second half we controlled the game and never looked like losing. Lyness will be disappointed that he couldn't prove he was a goalkeeper. In fact he should have paid admission fee as he was just a spectator.

Not one failure in our side. Durmus is adding to his game. Week in, week out. Fraser was exceptional. Erhahon had one of his best games in a long while.  I have to say. Obika had another reasonable game. All in all, tonight, it's good to be a Buddie.

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As bad as Killie were, and they were rotten, they did managed to get the ball into our box plenty of times and a better team would have punish us.

Need a good performance on Wed since Lennon won't want an other worst performance of his life again  :rolleyes:

With us winning plenty of away games, maybe the reason for us wearing the away strip was to improved our home record :lol:

All in all a decent performance by all the players considering the strong wind. 

No harm to Lyness who did nothing wrong, if Alnwick is available for Wed, them i hope he starts. 

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They've had 4 bookings - and they are rubbish.
Can see relegation for Hamilton with them or RC scraping for the play-off place
The Kilmarnock fan in work reckons they will be in a relegation battle and struggle to stay up.

I thought they might get the new manager bounce when they appointed him get enough points to be safe, then I heard Steven Pressley was favourite for job and went to work last night to tell him enjoy Arbroath away next season.

Unfortunately it was his night off so can't take the pi#s yet.
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1 hour ago, shull said:

There is only one person in the history of the Forum who talks about LIKES and is obsessed by them.

And it ain't me.


Hey I,m not complaining, it’s great that you have turned a corner and now support the team fully. It’s just difficult for me to adjust to the new positive Shull given that you have run the club down for the last year in your various post in various threads. Can a leopard change its spots? We will see. 

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